"Formerly WALK TO VEGAS"
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The Van Patten brothers Vince and Jimmy made at least four full length original super 8 films when they were 13 and 14 years old. 

Vince's wife, Emmy award winning Eileen Davidson, talked Vince in to writing "7 Days to Vegas."  She said "everybody loves movies about Hollywood.  You've got to write your story...and oh yeah, I'd better play your wife or else!"  So, he wrote it. 

Vince loved poker so much that when he was 16 he had a fake beard and mustache made up for him so he could play poker in Gardena, CA (legalized poker rooms) for over 21 year olds.  Vince consistently won!  

Vince's home poker games, back in the early 90s, included some Hollywood superstars like Don Adams( Get Smart)  Jerry Van Dyke ( Coach) Gabe Kaplan (Welcome Back Kotter ) Legendary director, John Houston, Paramount producing legend Robert Evans, Richard Dreyfus (Jaws) and this went on to become the legendary Beverly Hills game that the film is based on. 

Vince, Jimmy and Producer Kim Waltrip actually helped launch the Palm Springs film festival when they played in Sonny Bono's tennis tournament that was trying to raise seed money for his crazy film festival idea.